What are the practical uses of punching nets?

Perforated mesh can be used for environmental protection noise control barriers in highways, railways, subways and other transportation and municipal facilities that pass through urban areas, and sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources. It can be used for sound-absorbing nets and speaker nets for ceilings and wall panels of buildings

Acoustic material, can be used for fine decorative orifice plates of building stairs, balconies, environmental protection tables and chairs, can be used for protective covers of mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker grilles, grinding sieves, mine sieves, I-shaped sieves for grain, feed, and mines , [2] Stainless steel fruit blue, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils for kitchen equipment, as well as shelf nets for shopping malls, decorative exhibition stands, ventilation nets for grain storage, and water filtration filters for football field lawns. Perforated mesh is also widely used in the electronics industry, such as dustproof and soundproof covers for audio, as shown in the following figure: Product features: · Easy to process and shape · Can be painted or polished · Easy to install · Attractive appearance · Various thicknesses Sheets·Various choices of apertures and arrangements·Good sound absorption·Lighter weight·Longer service life·Accurate size punching nets are also widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette machinery, Harvesters, dry cleaning machines, ironing tables, silencers, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) speakers, handicraft production, papermaking, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment and other industries.



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