The benefits of using aluminum stretch mesh

Introduce what are the advantages of using aluminum stretch nets. Aluminum stretch nets as ceilings can effectively improve indoor air flow and achieve sound absorption and sound insulation. The installation is simple and convenient, and it can also be recycled using aluminum stretched mesh panels as external walls-aluminum Pull-net curtain wall, fluorocarbon spraying process, can effectively prevent the glass of high-rise buildings from falling, and can also be made of different colors and shapes, leading the fashion of urban architecture.

The fence is strong and durable, high in sturdiness, and has a long service life, and is not easy to deform. The construction method and operation points of general construction sites and highway anti-glare nets are multi-purpose expanded steel mesh and aluminum mesh: embedded anti-corrosion wood bricks: during masonry construction With pre-embedded anticorrosive wood bricks (40×60×60), the horizontal distance is 400~500, and the vertical distance is 400. Grassroots treatment: clean up wall dust and remove loose mortar.

    Use cement mortar to level the unevenness of the wall surface; after checking that the wall surface is flat, dry a layer of No. 350 asphalt felt for tight and strong bonding. Wooden keel device: Use expansion screws to fix the 40×40 wooden keel on the base, and the vertical and horizontal spacing is controlled at about 600. Gypsum board device: The gypsum board is made of 12-thick 1200-wide paper-faced gypsum board, and M4×35 wood screws are used to fix the gypsum board on the wooden keel. The screw spacing is controlled at about 300, and the gypsum board is strong.

    Filling and posting rock wool board: Rock wool board is mainly used for sound absorption. It is the filling material of sound-absorbing wall. White latex dot glued rock wool felt is used, and the posting points are distributed in a 300×300 plum blossom pattern. Surface device: Before installing the aluminum mesh, nail a layer of glass fiber cloth, and then nail a layer of aluminum mesh. Use 4×20 wide aluminum bead and wood screws to fix the aluminum bead. The vertical and horizontal spacing of aluminum bead is 600 (if with The plan is different, the plan shall prevail).



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