Common specifications and uses of expanded metal mesh

Steel sheet net is also called stretch net. It is made of the original thick steel plate selected high-tech by laser cutting and expansion, and its net body is lighter and has strong carrying capacity. The aluminum plate meshes throughout are prismatic holes, and other plate holes also have hexagonal, round, triangular, scale holes and so on. And it is widely used in homes, agriculture and animal husbandry, engineering construction, medicine industry, filter, safety protection, mothproof, artwork production and so on.
Expanded metal mesh is classified by hole: diamond, square, round, triangle, fish-phosphorus perforated expanded metal common standard: plate thickness: 0.4mm-0.8mm mesh: 8x16mm, 10x20mm, material: high carbon steel sheet metal, cold Rolled steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, stainless steel plates, titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy plates, copper coins, nickel plates, etc., are produced and processed with steel mesh for production.

    After the expanded metal mesh is produced, it can be processed and processed, such as hot-dip, cold-plated, sprayed, and plastic-plated. The key is used for garden villas, private swimming pools, yard grasses, large city scenery, Municipal engineering transportation, fitness sports venues, airports and ports, administrative institutions, military facilities, cell farms, industrial areas, travel and leisure resorts, logistics and transportation industrial bases, government agencies and institutions. The expanded metal mesh is strong and has a long service life.

    It has a wide range of uses, and the key is to batch concrete in civil engineering, safety protection of industrial equipment, art production and production, and dust cover for audio. High-speed road fences, stadium fences, green safety fences along the road. The super-heavy expanded steel mesh can be used as the operating channels, escalators, and aisles of trucks, heavy machinery and heating furnaces, oil mines, electric locomotives, 10,000-ton freighters, etc. It can also be used for the construction of steel bars in industries, roads, highways and bridges.



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