Can a small-pore filter with a diameter of 0.05mm to 0.1mm be etched?

There are many processes for processing small hole filters. The etching process is also one of them. The 0.2mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm aperture filters are more etched, so a small hole filter with a diameter of 0.05mm to 0.1mm can be used. Is it ok to use etching? You can tell for sure, yes. The etching process can not only process small-hole filter nets of 0.05mm to 0.1mm, but also compares with other processes, it is more suitable for some dense and high-demand filter etching processes. The filter holes after etching process are smooth and will not be produced. The burr is deformed, the roundness is high, and it is also advantageous for mass production.

   However, the etching of the small pore filter of 0.05 mm to 0.1 mm is also limited. The etching process uses the principle of metal chemical corrosion, so it is only suitable for processing metal materials, generally stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, iron and alloys thereof. Moreover, the etching process has a certain degree of side etching, so it is inevitably limited by the thickness of the material. Generally, the hole diameter is 1.5 times of the thickness, which is an ideal processing state. The etching factory with strict quality control and mature technology, such as Hebei Weiyue, can also achieve a filter with a hole diameter of 1.2 times according to the drawing design. Of course, this product Drawing requirements and design, please contact Hebei Weiyue, we have a professional engineering technician to evaluate the drawings for you.

Hebei Weiyue has processed many small-hole filter mesh sheets, and is also very good at processing small-hole filter meshes with metal diameters ranging from 0.05mm to 0.1mm, especially stainless steel small holes. Microporous filter etching has been obtained at home and abroad. The customer's praise is a powerful etching factory in China.



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