Can metal etching process optical microporous parts?

For the processing of optical micro-hole parts, such as diaphragms and slit sheets, they have some common characteristics. The material is generally metal, the thickness is thin, the diameter of the hole is small, and the accuracy requirements are high. Then this type of part is used What process is it made of? Can metal etching process optical microporous parts? As a professional etching manufacturer, WY can give you a positive answer, yes!

rocessing of optical micro-hole parts

The metal etching process can not only process optical micro-hole parts, but also is particularly suitable for similar parts with high processing accuracy. WY can etch and process optical micro-holes with a diameter of 0.05mm or more, and the accuracy can be controlled within ± 0.01mm. Of course, not all materials can process 0.05mm microholes, because of the characteristics of the metal etching process-there is a certain amount of side etching, and the processed hole diameter is greater than the thickness of the material. Contact WY, our professional engineering staff will evaluate the drawings for you, determine whether it can be processed, or give certain suggestions and appropriate technology. Our email is:



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