White perforated aluminum veneer ceiling

Description of white punched aluminum veneer ceiling:

Hebei Weiyue Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various specifications and colors of punched aluminum veneer. The products include round holes, diamond holes, CNC chaotic holes, etc. The product colors are white, black, black, red, gray, etc Customized according to requirements, complete product specifications, timely delivery, high quality and low price, are well received by users. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all employees, they have achieved considerable and steady development. Over the years, we have been doing quality, reputation, and branding. Established a good image in the industry and among customers.

White perforated aluminum veneer ceiling

Round hole ceiling

Other perforated pattern Ceiling

Features of white punched aluminum veneer ceiling:

1. Excellent board surface coating performance. High-quality aluminum-plastic panels generally use high-quality coatings and are coated by imported automatic high-speed coating lines. The surface of the board is flat, no color difference, strong coating adhesion, resistance to acid, alkali, and salt spray, and it does not change color for a long time. It does not fall off, and the fluorocarbon coating board is an ideal decorative material for outdoor use. It has a service life of more than 20 years and is easy to maintain. It will be as clean as new after washing with water.

White perforated aluminum veneer ceiling coating options:

The coating management of the panels mainly includes frosting, roller coating, anodizing, film coating, polyester powder, fluorocarbon, wood grain transfer, etc. The panels used in engineering are generally sprayed with polyester powder, and fluorocarbon is mainly used in The harsh outdoor environment has high cost and long service life.

Introduction to the application of white punched aluminum veneer ceiling:

Products are used in building curtain walls, suspended ceilings, ceiling decoration, sound absorption, and heat insulation requirements for hotels, hotels, conference rooms, railway stations, and high-speed rails.



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