What are the good shaving blade etching processing manufacturers

Etching is a very mature and suitable process for processing precision shaving blades. For the shaving effect, its quality is mainly determined by the accuracy of the matching between the fixed blade and the moving blade of the shaving blade. It requires the spherical curvature of the fixed blade and the movable blade to be properly matched, and at the same time, there must be a pressure distance of about 1mm and a certain shear angle between the two blades. The pressure distance is too small, the shaving is not sharp, and there is a feeling of plucking; if the pressure distance is too large, the power consumption is large and the blade is severely worn. At the same time, a sharp abnormal call is issued. Therefore, good shaving blade quality is also one of the important factors that determine the effectiveness of the shaver. So how to choose a shaving blade etching factory, and what are the good shaving blade etching processing manufacturers?
You can first understand whether any products of the same type have been etched. This will accumulate some experience and grasp the main points that need to be controlled during the razor blade etching process. Hebei Weiyue Etching Processing Factory has processed shaving blades and shaver nets for many well-known electric shaver brands.

Then there is the equipment, which largely determines the stability and output of the processing accuracy. Hebei Weiyue has imported 6 high-precision automatic etching lines with high processing accuracy and a daily output of 2000 square meters.

Then comes the processing technology. Hebei Weiyue has been focusing on precision parts etching for 14 years. The technicians with more than 20 years of experience have processed many types of precision etching parts, and the shaving blade etching process is mature.

If you need to process shaving blade products, or if you have any questions about the etching process of shaving blades, and would like to know the processing process and principle, please contact Hebei Weiyue, our company will serve you wholeheartedly!



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