Perforated Metal Sheet used in sewage treatment plant

Air pollution is more serious now, and pollutants such as garbage and sand have brought us a lot of troubles and problems. Now all kinds of filtration equipment made of perforated mesh have entered our lives.

   The perforated nets used in wastewater treatment are mainly divided into vibration perforated nets and hydraulic perforated nets. Here are the different uses:

   1. Hydraulic punching net: The top cone is cut, the central axis is horizontal, and the cone is inclined. Waste water enters from the small end of the cone. During the flow of water from the small end to the large end, the fine contaminants are filtered by the perforated mesh, and the water flows into the water collection device through the small holes of the perforated plate mesh. Since the entire punching net is a cone, the trapped pollutants are discharged onto the fixed net along the inclined surface of the punching net to further filter out water droplets. The rotating power of this kind of perforated net depends on the water flow of the inlet water as the power, so the net is generally not used at the inlet end of the hydraulic perforated net.

   2. Vibration punching net: Sewage flows from the channel to the vibration punching net to be filtered, and mechanical vibration is used to unload the fibers and other impurities trapped on the vibration punching net with an inclined surface to be fixed on the punching net and further filtered. Water droplets attached to the fiber.

   When designing with perforated mesh filtration, pay attention to maintaining a certain water pressure at the wastewater inlet pipe. The pressure is related to the nature of the wastewater and the pore size of the perforated mesh has a great relationship.



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