The importance of adjusting the punching net die

We all know that the performance of the die of the punching network is directly related to the service life of the punching pin, and it will also affect the quality of our products. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of our products and the extension of the service life of the punch needle, we should adjust the performance of the punching die. What attributes do we need to adjust for the punching die? Today we share with you on this issue:

  1. During the punching process of our punching nets, it is strictly forbidden to force the mold in one direction, because during the process of the punching pin being stressed, if one side is punched, it will inevitably cause the deviation. .

  2. It is also very important to improve the precision of the mold. If the precision of the mold is not enough, it will cause uneven force on the punching pin, and the part will be broken.

  3. In the process of punching, in order to prevent damage to the plate and the mold, please be sure to maintain the gap between the plate and the mold, there must be no gap, otherwise, it will cause the deflection of the punch needle appear.

  4. Regularly check the wear of the mold. The punching mold is a consumable product. The bottom mold needs to be ground with a surface grinder after a period of use. The bottom mold of the mold needs leakage, so the lower hole is usually larger than the upper hole. Once the bottom die has enlarged holes, there will also be deflection, so we must regularly check the wear of the die.



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