Can Hebei Weiyue provide film etching?

Can Hebei Weiyue provide film etching? of course can! Foil etching is also called contactless etching / adhesive etching. This type of product is usually equipped with a layer of thermosetting adhesive. Thermoset adhesive is solid at normal temperature and has no viscosity, but when the temperature rises to a certain level, it will transform into a semi-cured state with strong viscosity, which is convenient for the assembly of later product parts. More and more customers come to Hebei Weiyue to process film etching products.

Electronic accessories have great demand for film processing. According to market needs, WY has configured adhesive processing services for adhesive materials and developed corresponding adhesive third-party manufacturers. To meet the processing needs of customers for different products, customers do not need to find another adhesive manufacturer for processing, providing you with one-stop processing services.

Generally, the precision requirements of the film etching products are relatively strict, so manufacturers need to control every step of the process and strictly execute the processing operations when processing such products. WY has processed a variety of film etching products, including but not limited to: film FPC reinforced steel sheet, film logo, adhesive gasket, adhesive gasket, film speaker mesh, etc. It has 6 imported automatic production lines for etching and processing, which can meet large-scale large-scale production, and the price delivery is more competitive. It should be noted that not every product is suitable for film processing, such as some small parts, due to their small size, small contact surface with adhesive, and lack of adhesion, they easily fall into processing equipment during the etching process This kind of WY suggests designing connection points for etching. The specific product is suitable for film processing, you can contact WY, our technical staff will evaluate according to your product drawing requirements.



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